Plan a christmas where Christ is present, the magic is real, and the chaos is eliminated


7 step-by-step video modules


Bonus pages and coupons


25 page printable workbook

Create a Christmas that…

invites christ

Invite Christ In all month long! Counsel with Him about your plans and then carry them out with Him by your side. 
With Him, nothing is impossible.

Increases the magic

Decide what will be magical for your family this year and spend your precious time there instead of the neverending to-do list

eliminates chaos

Christmas doesn't have to be chaotic. When you are prepared, you have no need to fear. Learn to say no to the chaos and embrace the purpose of Christmas.

Your kids only have so many christmas' at home. 

Start this year to make them more meaningful and magical!

Who is this for?


This is for you if …

  • You want a Christmas that is spiritual and fun!
  • You want a Christmas where kids are grateful.
  • You want Christ to be more of a focus this Christmas.
  • You want to feel on top of things all Christmas Season.
  • You love Christmas but sometimes feel burnt out or frenzied in December.
  • You get anxiety over giving gifts every year.
  • You want to create lasting Christmas memories.

Plan your Christmas in an hour!

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